From Desk To Dinner: Quick Dressing Tips For A Seamless Day-to-Night Transition

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Transitioning your outfit from day to night can present a unique sartorial challenge, particularly if you don’t have the time to completely restyle your look. Whether you’re in-between meetings, running errands or just out for a social evening, a few easy tips can help you make a quick transition with ease and confidence.

Color and Prints

Add a subtle dose of color into your daytime look with a pretty printed blouse. Pastels and floral prints can give a simple ensemble an overall uplift. For the evening, choose prints in more vibrant colors, such as a bold print dress that can easily be mixed and matched with a tailored blazer or heeled ankle boots.


To make your outfit more evening-appropriate, think about adding layers, such as a structured jacket or statement coat. A light trench coat draped over a printed dress can help to give a finished look. If you’d rather have two separate ensembles, a light-colored blazer can be layered over a dress or dark cut-off jeans for a relaxed evening outfit.

Fabrics and Accessories

Choose fabrics with different textures for the day and night. In the morning, opt for structured fabrics like cotton or linen. In the evening, reach for softer, shinier fabrics such as velvet or silk. Accessories can also help to create the perfect evening look. Add a pair of statement earrings, a sparkling clutch or a bold necklace to complete your look.

Style Tips

When it comes to transforming your look for the evening, there are a few style tips to keep in mind. Opt for fitted silhouettes to give your look a polished finish. Add a touch of glamour with heeled ankle boots or dressy sandals. If you don’t have time to go home and change, take advantage of neutrals; they tone down a busy look and can help you seamlessly transition from desk to dinner.

With a few simple pieces and styling tips, transitioning your look from day to night can be easy and effortless. Keep these tips in mind and you’ll be able to seamlessly go from the office to after-hours in no time!