Confidence Booster: Dressing Tips To Flatter Your Body Shape

Do you want to find the most flattering clothes for your body shape? It’s hard to feel confident in your own skin when you’re constantly trying to hide your figures faults. But finding clothes that flatter your shape doesn’t have to be time consuming or intimidating. With the right styles and basics, you can create an arsenal of flattering pieces to highlight all of your best features. Here are a few tips on choosing the perfect outfit for your body shape:


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If you have an hourglass shape, your top and bottom halves are roughly the same size, and your waist is defined. To show off your silhouette, look for clothing that cling to your curves, like wrapped tops, pencil skirts, and fitted dresses. Play around with textures and fabrics to highlight your curves. For the bottom, try panels and pleats. Don’t forget details like waist belts and embellishments around the waist.


A photo of an apple figure model wearing a midi dress

If you have an apple shape, you have a less-defined waist and you usually carry your weight in your mid-section. To flatter this figure, look for clothing with details like strategic paneling to hide tummies and wide legs on bottoms. It’s best to minimize your waistline and draw attention to your legs. For the upper half, look for soft, flowy fabrics and tops with high necklines. On the bottom, try midis, maxis, and wide-leg trousers.


A photo of a <a href=pear figure model wearing a fitted top and flowy skirt” style=”float:right; padding-right:5%; margin-top:-5%; margin-bottom:-10%”>

If you have a pear body shape, your buttocks, thighs, and hips are usually rounder than the top half of your body. To flatter this figure, find clothing that emphasizes the upper body. Try fitted tops that draw attention to your top half and skirts that flow away from your hips. Play around with colors and prints on the top, and stick to solid colors on the bottom. Make sure your top half fits perfectly and don’t forget to add details, like collars, pockets, and embellishments.


A photo of a rectangle figure model wearing a belted top and crop pants

If you have a rectangle body shape, your top and bottom halves are roughly the same size with very little waist definition. To give your body shape a more balanced appearance, try fitted tops and high-waisted bottoms. Cinch your waist with belts and add volume with wide-leg trousers and pleated skirts. Play around with textures and fabrics to enhance your look, and don’t forget to add details like collars, pockets, and embellishments.

No matter your body shape, the most important thing is to focus on accentuating your assets and feeling confident in the clothes you wear. Remember, you don’t need to pick one body shape and stick to it! Have fun with the styles that fit best to make sure you always look and feel your best.