Fashion And Wellness: How Clothing Influences A Healthy Lifestyle

The clothing we wear has a direct correlation to our emotional and physical well-being. Our clothes can give us a sense of power and confidence — or conversely, helplessness and insecurity. This is why, understanding the relationship between fashion and wellness is important today more than ever. Let’s find out more about how clothing influences a healthy lifestyle.

The Power of Clothes

At its core, fashion is a type of self-expression. It communicates who we are and how we want to be perceived by the world. In a study led by Marianne LaFrance, The Yale University professor of psychology observed that “when people wear clothing, they tend to adopt the characteristics associated with that clothing.” What we wear not only deeply affects how we are perceived by others, but also our own emotional, mental and physical well-being.

Confidence Boosting Effects

Clothing can be used as a form of armor that shields us from situations that could bring on feelings of inadequacy. According to LaFrance, “When people don clothing that is associated with an elevated status inn their own cultural milieu, they experience a ‘psychological elevation,’ boosting their self-confidence and feelings of control.”

Clothing as a Tool for Self-Care

Style analyst and trend forecaster, Sarah Blair, agrees that clothing can be an incredibly powerful form of self-care. “The right outfit can be a beautiful way to feel taken care of and appreciated”, says Blair. She also promotes using clothing as a tool to inspire creativity and express individuality. Making it a ritual to choose clothes we feel connected to can help to lift our spirits and keep us inspired.

The Impact of Color

Aside from the clothes we wear, we should take a mindful approach to what colors we choose as well. According to color psychology, certain colors can bring different positive moods. For example, orange is thought to bring life and energy, while blue is considered calming. Colors can also help us to stand out and make a statement, while still staying true to our individual style.


It is clear that clothing and fashion choices have a powerful effect on our emotional and physical wellness. Being conscious about the colors, styles and fabrics we choose allows us to express ourselves through clothing and use it as a form of self-care. As we can see, fashion and wellness go hand in hand.