Accessorize Like A Pro: Dressing Tips To Perfect Your Ensemble

accessories necklace

It’s no secret that accessories can take an ordinary outfit to extraordinary. Just the right piece of jewelry, shoes, or bag can update your look and take you from drab to fab! But it can be tricky to choose the right accessories and know how to wear them every time. Here are some tips on how to accessorize like a pro to look your best.

1. Prioritize one standout accessory


If you have a lot of accessories to choose from, prioritize by picking one standout piece to focus on. Go with something statement-making that will draw attention to the rest of your outfit, like a bright pair of earrings or a trendy hat. Once you’ve chosen that one accessory, let it shine and then add the rest of the details to complete your look.

2. Scale down the accessories


An outfit can easily become too busy if you pile on too many accessories. Always keep it simple and scale down the accessories to one or two pieces. Too much jewelry is never a good look. You want the accessories to enhance your outfit, not overwhelm it. If you’re wearing a dress with bold patterns or prints, skip the jewelry and go with a bright pops of color shoes, or an eye-catching clutch.

3. Think about the occasion


When selecting your accessories, always consider what you’ll be doing in the outfit. If you’re heading to a wedding, a delicate necklace and bracelet would be appropriate. For a night out, a sparkly statement necklace or a fancy headband would be better. Subtle, everyday pieces work well for the office. Thinking about the occasion will help you choose the right accessories for any situation.

4. Play with proportions


If you want to be on-trend, then learn how to wear accessories that play with proportion. Think of oversized necklaces, chunky belts, or statement earrings. Don’t be afraid to take risks with your accessories and find pieces that you love. Compliment your oversized pieces with simple and delicate rings or brooches.

5. Color coordinate


When it comes to accessorizing, always consider the colors in your outfit. If you’re wearing a red dress, then select accessories in red, pink or gold. This way, your outfit will look polished and you won’t have to worry about clashing colors. Neutrals, like black and white, go with almost anything. Opt for neutral colors to add some subdued sophistication to your look.



Accessorizing is the perfect way to give your look an extra oomph. There is no right or wrong way to go about it. As long as you know what looks best on you, the rest will fall into place. Now that you have these tips to accessorize like a pro, you’ll be dressed to impress every time!