Couture Comeback: Return Of Timeless Elegance In High Fashion

The fashion world has seen a major shift in the face of fashion. Long gone are the days of simple minimalistic clothes – in its place, we find designs of the modern era that are bold, outlandish and often impractical.

However, there are subtle whispers blowing through the wind of change for high fashion. Reinventing the wheel of sophistication and elegance is couture. The craftsmanship and attention that goes into haute couture follows a traditional aesthetic, creating clothes of refinement and opulence.

Couture is centred on the concept of craftsmanship and personalisation. The fabric is worked within defined structures and shapes, referencing past collections and iconic features.

The meticulous process of couture is in stark contrast to the popular trends of fast fashion and ‘Instagram effects’. In an industry so quick-changing, couture is a rare breed that takes time to create, so that the final product is almost like a piece of art.

The timeless aesthetict of couture is a drawing force, reigning supreme for those who appreciate elegance and luxury. Stepping away from the modern trend of androgyny and minimalism, couture brings a strength back into fashion – a powerful femininity.

The appeal of couture is obvious. Taking the wearer to a beautiful land of sophistication and grace. So keep your eyes peeled for the new rise of high fashion.

woman in couture